Our founders, Nikki and Tammy, met while working in the insurance
industry. They shared a passion for cocktails at happy hour. They did not, however, share a passion for insurance. As happy hours regularly turned
into happy evenings and early mornings, they decided it was time to turn
their love of good times into a career. Their first venture was making
beer in Nikki's kitchen. That inspired them to take their ideas to the
next level and create a new vodka. Because they couldn't make vodka in
their kitchen, they began looking for a local distiller – a special one to help
make their dream come true. Soon, Zebra Vodka was born.

If you know Nikki (a tall black woman) and Tammy (a not so tall white
woman), you might think Zebra is all about outside appearances. But it's
much more. It's also about embracing beauty within our differences. And inspiring all kinds of people to get together, find common ground over a
great cocktail and live life to the fullest – together.

Life isn't always black and white, but your vodka should be.